Delivery and multidrop inside Europe
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The main difference between general shipping and Freight is that the sender and the consignee of these shipments are more or less companies or businesses and these are samples or commercial shipments. These shipments usually have specific freight documentation, bill of leading EMCS or EXCISE registered documents.


For commercial shipments, there are possibilities of additional services listed below:


  • Returns: Where we pickup a consignment at a delivery.

  • Goods payment: where the goods are be paid for by cash on pickup.

  • Cash on delivery: where cash payment is received on delivery and sent back to the sender.

  • Document handling: where a document or invoice is sent along with the shipment and delivered as a signed for.

  • Document rerouting: appropriate documents are signed stamped on delivery and sent back to the sender.

These shipments are usually started off as general shipments and after 2-3 deliveries, there can be some conditions worked around the conclusions gained. From this point on, additional services and unique conditions can also be added creating a customer data sheet, where this information is stored.

After the first half year or couple month period, unique pricing or permanent discounts can be negotiated based on quantities and frequency, signing a general framework contract. There are possibilities of having special shipping containers, pallet sacks or postal sacks used for serving certain customers in a case of need.

Packaging is the most important factor in Freight process as well, since this will ensure that the consignments to arrive at the destination address in the same condition as dispatched. The Packaging menu will help you how to prepare your consignment properly for shipping.