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Scale and measure

You can get an accurate price calculation for any kind of consignment, providing the sizes and weight of your parcel(s). The fee calculated here is only valid for shipments within our London (M25) - Hungary shipping areas. Any requested extra lading, territorial surcharges or additional services can be added while confirming the order.

For the best price calculation stive to be accurate with measuring the sizes and weight (db, cm * cm * cm, kg) since the calculation will be based on these details. Only the overall weight and size counts in the calculation, so please prefer the smaller units while preparing your consignment to be easier to pack and handle them. You can read more about the price calculation in Pricing menu.

If the quotation suits you, it can be sent either by an e-mail, still be modified, or can be ordered straight away by specifyind the shipping data. Once the order form has been completed our customer services verifies the details and confirms the shipment by e-mail within 1 working day. Please double check the details confirmed and reconfirm your shipment by an e-mail response so we can process the pickup.

Packaging materials

Our Text message server will automatically send you a text notice about the pickup/delivery date and time giving a 3 hour interval depending on traffic at least 1 day prior to arrival. You have to Text back your postcode confirming that you received the notice, and you will be waiting for our courier to arrive. More about the Text notices in Terms and Conditions.

Packaging is one of the most important factor in the shipping process, since this will ensure that the consignments arrive at the destination address in the same condition as dispatched. The Packaging menu will help you how to prepare your consignment properly for shipping.