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We know it well that it is nearly impossible to determine a moving until everything is all packed up. However to give you an accurate shipping quotation we need have a rough idea of the quantity you are about to ship.

Firstly you have to list up the larger consignments (sofa, cupboard, commode, chest of drawers, bicycles, etc.) with sizes and approx. weight (cm x cm x cm, kg).

Secondly you have to estimate the amount of small items and things you have which will have to be boxed up. The easiest way of doing this is to use an average box size and weight and figure out how many of these you might need for your things. You can even do that going around in the house room by room.

Apart from the consignment information we also have to know the location of pickup and delivery and also whether extra lading in needed there or not. There can also be important or special concerns you want to tell us about making it easier to have a full view what we are looking at.

If you already have a clue of the date your shipment is due, you can also let us know so we can specify details towards the timing as well in the quotation.

From the above consignment list and shipping information we can have a suitable estimate of the load having the calculated volume and weight (m3, kg) and lading needs. Knowing all that, our customer services will be able to send you the best possible quotation for your removal by e-mail within one working day. If the quotation suits you, it can be ordered straight away by specifying the other details (addresses, phone numbers, payment method).

It is advisable to make a final consignment list with measurement when you have packed up and email it through, so the shipping fee can be corrected accordingly. It is not a must to do that, but in this case the minimum of the ordered quantity has to be payed for even if the shipment is less than previously estimated.