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There are good quality cheap clothes, toys, a wide range of technical and sporting equipments, materials and endless varieties of all housing accessories can be bought online, on auction sites, websites and straight from the supplier as well. (e.g.: E-bay, Amazon, Gumtree, Sportsdirect, ASDA, Next, Marks&Spencer, Mothercare, Harper&Collins, Halfords, JDsports, Matalan, H&M, Currys)

In most cases you are only aloud to place an order or bid on these items if you have a UK postal address.

Why not to have a UK address, where any kind of consignments can be received, collected, sorted and stored until notice and than further shipped to you. You can read about the conditions and prices of this service in details in the Storage Facility menu.

There are businesses specific materials and sparepart also collected, sorted and stored here which are wrapped in larger units in case if needed and than further shipped to the destination address. There are various options to suit customer needs or create specific conditions. It is possible to have registered receivals with weekly listing, which is specially advisable for value consignments.

To have a new address registration, you only have to provide your name, home address / destination address, and contact details as listed below, for which our Customer Services will confirm your new UK address by e-mail within 1 working day. Straight after that you can start receiving your goods on your new address.